An Innovative Real Estate Fund That Makes Your Dollars Work Over-Time and Provides You With Stable Returns, Cash Flow, and Principal Protection

We provide investors with diversified and stable cash flows, upside participation in rising real estate markets, downside protection in declining real estate markets and freedom from the hassles and costs of managing physical real estate. Our fund strategy seeks to protect investor capital while generating attractive risk-adjusted returns in the form of monthly cash flows and positively skewed asymmetrical equity returns on low lien-to-value, high-quality owner occupied residential real estate.

So, Why Should You Invest With Pacific Point Capital?


Attractive Returns & Lower Risk

Our fund is designed to generate a steady unlevered long-term return of 8% to 10% annually after estimated fees, expenses, and incentive allocation.


Consistent Monthly Cash Flow

Our fund provides the additional benefit of cash flow, which is provided in the form of a monthly payment to our clients.


Financial Security & Healthy Margin of Safety

Our proprietary underwriting and investment selection criteria offer investors buffered downside protection in the event of a recession or market correction.


100% Hassle Free

This investment allows you to invest in great properties, without the hassles and costs of property management, repairs, property taxes and insurance.


Strong Diversification

Real estate is a hard-asset which protects you from the volatility and risks associated with stocks, bonds, and other paper assets.


Simple Process

Our process is simple and our fund is easy to work with. Our team will help you with all of your specific needs.

See the Investment Strategy At Work

See Some of Our Recent Real Estate Investments

North Park, CA

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Santee, CA

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Sherman Oaks, CA

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Are You Qualified to Invest?

The Pacific Point Realty Fund is only open to accredited investors as the term is defined by the Securities Act of 1933 under Rule 501 of Regulation D. Generally speaking an accredited investor is an individual who individually, or jointly with a spouse, has a net worth that exceeds $1 million, excluding the value of the primary residence. A person may also qualify as an accredited investor with an income exceeding $200,000, or $300,000 jointly with a spouse, for each of the two most recent years and a reasonable expectation of the same level of income in the current year.

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I love Pacific Point’s innovative new investment fund. I get hassle-free monthly income checks plus long-term capital appreciation – all backed by high-quality real estate.

Ron J Arizona

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