Home Equity Contracts

June 4, 2018

Learn about this innovative new product that benefits both homeowners and investors.


Home Equity Contracts represent an innovative shared market economy solution that allows homeowners to monetize an idle asset while maintaining full rights and privileges of their home. Homeowners are able to access their home wealth without incurring the burden of additional debt. For investors, Home Equity Contracts provide a better way to invest in prime real estate without the financial cost or burdens normally associated with physical property ownership.

Advantages of Home Equity Contracts

  • Attractive Return Profile – Hypothetical Home Equity Contract returns exceed stocks, bonds, and REITs
  • Low Volatility – Low standard deviation due to asymmetrical risk/reward attributes
  • Downside Protection – Maximum drawdown is low and significantly lower compared to leveraged REITs
  • Low Correlation – Home Equity Contracts have low correlation to stocks, bonds, and REITs

To learn more about the competitive advantages of Home Equity Contracts and how they may benefit you, contact us by clicking here.

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